Community and Social Responsibility

Community and Social Responsibility

We, at Kougadam Invest, strongly believe in the development of the immediate surrounding communities by means of structured and monitored involvement. We put emphasis on skill development to allow employees to do work on the farm that would normally be contracted out. Also where possible we make use of local businesses.


With rugby as one of the more popular sports in the area we sponsor the local Patensie rugby team.


We have two compounds on the farm, one of women and another for men, to provide accommodation for employees whom lives too far to travel daily.

This allows "out of town" workers the opportunity to find employment on the farm.


A primary school is located on the farm and we provide basic utilities at no cost to the school

Throughout the year we also help the community and underprivileged by giving away citrus and potatoes to those in need and in the past we have provided building material from decommissioned buildings.


We invested in a minibus to allow transportation for staff without their own means of transport. The minibus is being used on a weekly basis and has been found very convenient for staff especially for social events.

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